Social responsibility

At Index Nuevo Leon we are committed to the populations´ wellbeing, which is why since 2010 we started the “Hand-by-hand School Program”, which fosters important values for our community.

The “Citizen Transformation Project” focuses on education, and works with four fundamental values:

  • 1Responsibility
  • 2Respect
  • 3Honesty
  • 4Solidarity

What does
the program consist of?

The program seeks to spark students and parents’ curiosity to ensure they get involved in different infrastructure improvement projects.

Moreover, we work on the personal growth of all those involved through education, developing their physical and artistic skills, promoting environmental protection and community solidarity projects.

Since its foundation, Index Nuevo Leon has been committed to work through institutional channels in favor of the development of our sector, the community, and its suppliers.

Thanks to the commitment and involvement of its members and their working spirit, during the years we have operated this program, various public schools have benefited.


Are in interested in learning more about our membership and its benefits?